Part Loan a Pony Scheme

We are delighted to be able to offer a part loan scheme at Garlands Riding Centre. 

The scheme works well for those who do not want to take on the full responsibility and cost of owning a horse but would like to be involved on a part time basis.

Its a great opportunity for those who would like to own a horse in the future but do not yet have the experience. Under the watchful eye of our team you will receive lots of support and advice throughout your loan period.

Part loan periods can range from 1 week which may appeal to those wanting to buy a gift for a special occasion to those wanting a more permanent loan. You will be given a contract at the start of your loan with just a one weeks notice needed if you circumstances change.

What are the benefits to loan a pony?

Build on husbandry skills, independence, social skills and 

What are the costs?

The cost of loan a pony will be dependent on whether it is short or long term. A weeks loan a pony suitable for those wanting to provide a gift for a special occasion is £75 with those wanting to have a longer loan period at £50.

What is included in the price/what does my money go towards?

  • This scheme will allow you to ride your pony 3 times weekly at agreed times/days

  • You will have a group 1/2 hour lesson on your loan pony

  • Discount (10%) on riding/trekking sessions

  • Come and go as you please

  • Your weekly fee will go towards the horse/ponies feed, physio and farrier expenses.

What do you require from a loaner?

  • Commitment to the horse/pony

  • Treat the loan pony with respect honoring welfare at all times

  • Communication with Garlands Riding Centre if you circumstances change or you are unable to make your set day.

  • Weekly Bacs payments